The Master and Margarita

I am thrilled to report that despite my demanding work schedule, which has continued into this week, I’ve actually achieved something that gets us closer to TLYW.

I have just finished reading The Master and Margarita, written 1940, published 1966, by Mikhail Bulgakov. It’s a book that so many people have raved about to me and that I had on my ‘should read’ list and couldn’t quite get around to. I finally made a concerted effort with it because I wanted to earn an Achievement point, and in that way TLYW serves its purpose, because it was great.

It is a satirical novel about Stalin’s Russia. It is also full of social comedy and a stellar cast of supernatural characters and events. Making a nuisance of themselves around contemporary Moscow are The Devil, a talking cat that walks on its hind legs and uses public transport; and witches, who fly around naked in the conventional way that witches do, and attend Satanic balls.

I actually wanted to count this towards the Classic Literature Brownie Badge, but I decided it wasn’t quite long enough. I only have to read 3 books to win this badge but they ideally should be those chunky works of literature that you are supposed to read before you die. Like Middlemarch, which I’ve read previously (and was amazing) and Moby Dick, which I read recently, for the specific reason of winning the badge.

1 Books point.

Dating Gossip:

Leroy: Things are good and we seem to be happy and heading in a good direction. Getting to know each other, etc.

Head Honcho: LOL. OK, so previously on The Head Honcho, he was annoyed with me because he for some reason felt like urgently arranging a real life date and I said not without gifts. So he was annoyed. Then I emailed him and said ‘look, can’t we be friends and just stick to talking to each other, we might not do very well at having sex but we’ve been companions for a few years, can’t we do that?’ He took his sweet time thinking about it. Then he started being friendly, which was nice. There was one slightly petulant complaint that he’d rather meet than just chat about meeting (hello, I’m still waiting for our second date, the first one was in 2012), but apart from that he was actually friendly and didn’t pressure me again to meet up so that was nice. Quite a happy situation. Long may it continue.

OK, I need to go update the Achievement points page and then get on with the next thing.


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