Flowers, Art

Leroy came over and brought flowers ❤

winter flowers

I think we are back on track. I spelled out how I need him to behave. Let’s see if he can do it. I hope so, because I really like him. He seems keen to make a success of things.

This evening I fulfilled a pre-existing social engagement by going to see the Moroni exhibition at the Royal Academy with a rather handsome and intelligent film-maker. Whether I will see him again, I can’t say. We got along really well and had a lively discussion but I’m not sure how much he ultimately fancied me and I would kind of prefer to pursue things with Leroy if we can make it work, I’m just dating as a form of insurance in case we can’t. Anyway, I’m sure this guy will call me if he is that interested. The Moroni exhibition is great, he was a 16th century Italian painter and the exhibition is mainly portraits, he is really good at faces, capturing moods and also he is brilliant at painting textiles and jewellery.

The woman in this portrait was a celebrated poet who wrote in three languages. Although she’s opulently dressed, this is also a somewhat modest way to represent her, because she appears in the garb of a wife and there are no props or symbols in the picture that draw attention to her literary achievements. I love her knowing expression and her ridiculous, fluffy, pink-and-blue accessory that to me conveys a deep sense of fun and humour. I can’t help noticing she’s also quite thick in the waist. She reminds me of me, but 500 years ago and with nicer clothes and better poetry.

Portrait of Isotta Brembati Grumelli, ca. 1550

isotta brembati

This portrait, commonly known as The Gentleman in Pink, is of a 24-year-old on the occasion of his wedding, which accounts for both the resplendent finery of his dress and his sheepish expression. I love this picture, it really makes me laugh. I have dated guys who look like this. Perhaps not in that exact outfit, which is a shame, when you come to think of it.

Portrait of Gian Gerolamo Grumelli, ca. 1560

man pink

1 Art point. Giovanni Battista Moroni is on at the Royal Academy until 25 January.

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