Time to stop playing video games and tidy up.

I’ve had a very good couple of days for video gaming. I’ve managed to spend some time in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, in which the two most senior of my 11 characters have made a start on growing their garrisons.

I’ve made some progress in Bioshock Infinite and have got as far as rescuing Elizabeth. Now we just have to fight our way out of the city.

I’ve played a bit of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which became a lot easier when I discovered the auto lock feature, for easy shooting.

Yesterday I played a little bit of Dead Island on the Xbox, which was almost too scary. I also played a couple of hours of South Park: The Stick of Truth, which is quite good fun, certainly less terrifying than Dead Island. Last night I went back to my PC and started a new character in The Secret World, a game which I made a start on and then lost touch with a few years ago.

Games that I still haven’t tackled that will have to wait: Metro 2033, Alien Isolation, Dark Souls, GTA V, Halo 4, Dragon Age 2 and many more. I also didn’t revisit The Sims 3 or Skyrim, what with so many new games to attend to.

It’s been a fabulously entertaining couple of days and gaming was most definitely one of the things I wanted a lot of over this Christmas holiday, but now I need to stop gaming and eating chocolate and do something about my surroundings, because it is Friday already and I’m back at work on Monday.

I’m doing some annual reviewing of the dozens of knitting projects that are strewn about the house, I realise this will lead not only to updated records, which is good, but also to large numbers of neatly labelled project boxes suddenly appearing in the living room. I am thinking what I should do is take down and crate up the Christmas tree at the same time as tidying up the knitting, then the tree components can go in the spare room and I will have space in the living room for the newly organised craft stuff.

Good to see my organisational skills coming back. I did wonder for a while there whether I was going to get out of my chair.

5 thoughts on “Time to stop playing video games and tidy up.”

  1. I know that feeling well about getting back into the routine – getting things organized again and starting out the New Year less distracted. Good luck in your endeavors. ROTFL I think my backside is stuck in the chair and I need to get out of that habit.

      1. I’m retired, so, I’m kind of being paid to do whatever I want, however, I do need to concentrate on some other things sometimes – video gaming is a great past time though.

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