New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year’s Eve, readers. I hope you have an enjoyable evening ahead of you. So far, my cold hasn’t turned into anything more serious; I am relaxing, napping, drinking tea and enjoying the last hours of laziness and total indulgence before the New Year kicks in and I have to start being more responsible and also going out and seeing people. Today has mostly been about watching American Horror Story, knitting a scarf that I started a few days ago, so that I can have the satisfaction of finishing at least one project before the year ends, and eating chocolate for no good reason. I had a plate of sausages and chips for dinner which is hardly diet food, is it, and I didn’t even have any green vegetables with it. It was YUM.

We’ll probably do a review of the year or something tomorrow but for now let’s just continue to kick back. Can I find a nice tune. Like you needed to ask.

The Peddlers: On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever) (1968)

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