The Tenth & Eleventh Days of Christmas: In which I date other people.

I am tired of waiting for Leroy. I last saw him last weekend, which feels like months ago, and I last spoke to him on Wednesday and it’s now Monday. Whenever I see him or speak to him he is all over me and he gives the impression of thinking that we are in a relationship, but from my perspective I am not in regular enough contact with him to sustain this illusion. So I don’t know. Either we are having totally different experiences, or else we aren’t having different experiences and he feels as disconnected from me as I do from him, but he is good at snapping into full-on Boyfriend mode whenever we happen to speak to each other, which I am starting to think is the more likely scenario.

Anyway, I am a bit starved. I was already quite ready for some company when Socrates came over last Tuesday and now it’s almost a week later I can barely remember what Leroy looks like. As regrettable as this may be, I’m not going to send him needy text messages when I could take the more dignified route of dating other people. So last night I went out to meet a young maths genius in the form of a newly-arrived Greek expat, who we shall call Maths. He was nice enough. He was pleasant, polite, well-behaved. I didn’t have any complaints. He didn’t rock my world but guys who rock your world aren’t much use if they don’t regularly show up to rock it. My plan for today is to go out and get some more exercise because Christmas always piles on the pounds and then later this afternoon there is expected to be a date with a personal trainer and physical therapist who we shall call Physio, who I’ve been chatting to on and off for several months.

So that’s me. I’m also making lots of progress with Bioshock Infinite and I have figured out how to use Auto Lock in Grand Theft Auto, which has totally revolutionised my gameplay as it means I can accurately shoot members of rival gangs when I encounter them in the street. Which is what really matters in life, as I’m sure we can all agree.

Sylvester: Do You Wanna Funk (1982)

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