The Ninth Day of Christmas: More exercise.

I wanted to stay in my pyjamas all day but then I thought better of it, put on a sports bra and went out for a brisk 8-mile march. I will do the full 10 miles next time but I was bit over-dressed. It’s so long since I’ve done that route that I forgot that one gets quite hot and sweaty by about mile 4, no matter how cold it is outside. You don’t need a coat, even in winter. You need a tracksuit, a brisk pace and a bottle of water.

Now I’m back, I feel better for it. My skin looks better, I am more awake and I have roses in my cheeks. Also I’m now not going to feel guilty about eating Christmas pudding with custard for tea.

I am starting to feel like I’m ready to be sociable again. If I don’t see Leroy this weekend I will go out and meet one of the other guys I’ve been chatting to on the dating site, there are one or two interesting ones who live near me.

1 Health point.

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