The Eighth Day of Christmas: Boxing Day

Well, I am certainly getting enough sleep. I am certainly compensating for all the hours and days of sleep I didn’t get before we broke up for Christmas from work. This morning I got up rather early, cooked a hot breakfast, watched one episode of South Park, then went back to bed for another five hours. I’ve been wearing pyjamas for two days.

I sense that the outside world and I are going to start coming into contact with each other again from tomorrow. I notice it is Saturday tomorrow and I will most likely see Leroy over the weekend. Also I will need to go outdoors and get some exercise, otherwise pyjamas will be the only clothes I can fit into. Right now I am in a very cosy and dishevelled state at four in the afternoon, with fluffy slippers and unbrushed hair.

Time to wake up. I am well fed but I need some coffee. Then I will doubtless play some more video games, that being the true meaning of Christmas. I should log into World of Warcraft and go collect my presents from Blizzard that are probably waiting under the big Christmas tree in Orgrimmar.

xmas org

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