The Sixth Day of Christmas: Xmas Eve.

My lungs are gradually emptying themselves of flu congestion so I was able to walk 8 miles today. It was great, I haven’t done that for ages and I really needed the exercise, I am so keen to get my health back and burning off some calories is a good thing too. Now my legs feel like tree trunks and I feel like I’ve achieved something. Oh! I actually have achieved something, that scores 1 Health point. I’ll go and add it to the Achievements page now, then I am all set for the evening, of which the main feature is going to be more Bioshock.

Exciting news re things that are coming in 2015:

One-hour deliveries from Amazon. The service launches in Manhattan but I am convinced London is not going to be far behind.

10 new video games coming out in 2015. I am particularly excited about No Man’s Sky because it is big and ambitious, it has an ultra-cool 1970s aesthetic, and it is British.

Considering I don’t like TV and switched off seemingly for ever in 2007, the fact that I went on to watch all of Breaking Bad online this autumn (all 6 seasons of it, back to back) was kind of a huge deal. So imagine my excitement when I found out just now that incorrigible Jewish lawyer Saul Goodman is getting his own spin-off show, Better Call Saul, and it is premiering in February. Can’t wait.

Better Call Saul: Saul’s TV ad from Breaking Bad


Better Call Saul trailer

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