The Fourth Day of Christmas: Snowmen, Whales.

Today is the fourth day of The Christmas You Want and it is going great. I went out for a walk this morning and discovered that my chest is still congested with flu, but no matter, that is not going to stop me enjoying myself at home.

I made – okay, assembled – Melting Snowmen Cookies! Look!

snowmen tin

I actually assembled them last night when I became frustrated with how much I still totally suck at using the Xbox. I scoffed two of them today and they are beyond delicious. The base cookie is a chewy oat and raisin flapjack cookie from Waitrose, the recipe for decorating them is here on the BBC Food site and the only change I made was to cut up jelly diamonds to make their noses because I didn’t have any orange beans. I didn’t exactly intend to make 12 but I found I had a lot of icing so that’s how many I ended up with. They are SO YUMMY. I might make a tradition out of doing them every year from now on.

snowmen rack

snowman close up

I also did some reading today. In something approaching a miracle, today was the day that I finally finished reading Moby DickBloody hell. It might be the longest book I’ve ever read. It’s taken weeks and weeks. Today, I finally completed it. This is especially, tremendously exciting because it means I’ve officially started earning the Classic Literature Brownie Badge. I will update the Brownie Points page later but basically winning this particular badge means reading a few of those huge great bricks of Classic Literature that one should read before one dies and rarely does. It was immense and I really do feel like I’ve achieved something by finishing it at long last. I’ve ticked it off the list. Hurrah! I will do a review another time, it needs a post to itself as it is such a big book, but this is to record that today is the day I boxed it off. See what productive use I am making of my Christmas holiday!


I’ve also done some more work on my colleague’s baby blanket today which is great as that is something else that needs to be brought to completion. I am just sewing together squares but it all takes time, so I am happy to see progress. This is exactly what I wanted my holiday to be.

Tonight’s dinner is cod fish cakes with parsley sauce and a selection of steamed vegetables (broccoli, courgettes, carrots, green beans). Tonight’s video entertainment is, of course, Moby Dick, I have opted for the 2011 two-part TV drama starring William Hurt as Captain Ahab. That’s three hours long in total so I should get plenty more work done on the blanket while it is playing and finally, as I took the precaution of a short nap this afternoon, I should have some energy left at the end for some gaming. I am thinking of reverting back to the PC and finding out if I can remember how to play Bioshock Infinite. So that’s me, and it only remains for me to wish you continued Christmas joy and a wonderful evening.

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