The Third Day of Christmas

Leroy was out with his friends last night. I told him to come home to me afterwards, so he did, and 16 hours later, he’s just departed. It was great, he was great, the sex was amazing, my flat looks like a fairy grotto, I miraculously managed to fit into a very romantic white chiffon negligee (a bit like this one) that I bought in Victoria’s Secret in San Francisco about 10 years ago and reserve for very special occasions, and everything was perfect.

Now I have the evening ahead of me and although I’m a bit knocked out from all the sex and I don’t think I am going to be staying up all night, there is still plenty of time for some private celebrating. Tonight’s menu: tomato soup, olive bread, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, wild rocket. Tonight’s movie: Frozen (2013), followed by more Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas because I will not rest until I can shoot things accurately and drive in a way that lets me stay on the road.

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