Let’s get this party started.

OK, I think I’m well enough to officially start Christmas now. I just went out to the supermarket for more paracetamol and some fresh fruit and I can tell I’m not in particularly good shape. My head is foggy, I have a sore chest and I’m sweating. However, I’ve stopped throwing up and my crucifying headache has at last departed, that being the main thing that was keeping me pinned to the bed. So even though I had to cancel all my social things, I can officially start having a Xmas holiday now and I haven’t missed anything that can’t be rescheduled. Not being able to take children’s gifts to the family today was the most annoying thing because they do need to be there before the 25th but I am thinking of solving the problem by sending a courier, maybe I can book one for Monday or Tuesday.

My plans for this festive season revolve around all the things that I don’t get to do enough of because I’m at work all the time. This is not going to be a holiday in which I go out of my way to score Achievement points, they can just happen naturally, as they may. It is going to be a holiday in which I get to do things that I enjoy and can rarely do enough, or any, of because I’m either at work or if I’m not at work my brain is too fried to be able to concentrate. So here’s what we have coming up over the next two weeks:

  • Gym. The minute this fever leaves me and my chest stops hurting I will be straight back there. Gym was one of the major ambitions I had for this holiday. I wanted to go every day and that won’t happen now I have flu to recover from but I can be patient, I will have to be. I can just wait until I’m better and then go.
  • Video gaming. Gaming is really important to me, I don’t get to do enough of it. On my list for this festive season, on the PC: World of Warcraft; Skyrim; Dragon Age II (before I even consider buying Dragon Age Inquisition, that can just wait until I’ve completed all the other games); Metro 2033; Bioshock Infinite; The Secret World; Alien Isolation; Sims 3 (because I have unexplored expansion packs, even though I know from bitter experience that Sims is just one long episode of trying to find workarounds for its many bugs). On the Xbox: GTA San Andreas; GTA V; Dead Island; World of Tanks; South Park – The Stick of Truth; Dark Souls; Halo 4. I also wouldn’t mind playing Batman: Arkham City and Dark Souls II on the Xbox but I guess those can wait for 2015 as well. So as you can see, that is 15 games altogether, and I only have 14 days off work.
  • Knitting. I have almost exactly as many knitting projects as I do video games, and in a similar state of completion.
  • Reading. I have a lot of books that I am excited about and want to spend a little time with, ranging from Serious Literature to the Viz annual.
  • Food. I am making traditional Christmas dinner at home this year for probably only the second time in my entire life and I am going to try to eat at home more in general.

So that’s me, all set. I may still have flu but I am not going to let that stop me. Tonight’s entertainment is World of Warcraft because it is easy and I don’t have to learn how to play, which is good if your brain is all congested, and tonight’s dinner, the first meal I’ve eaten since Wednesday, is hot sausage rolls with salad (watercress and tomatoes) and some red onion chutney, followed by an apple and some tangerines.

Happy Christmas, folks. 1 Xmas point.

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