I think I am free and in the clear.

It is 10am on Wednesday. I feel like shit and I look like absolute shit. I have a cold. Another one. I talked to my business partner last night and he has one too and is miserable, because we both only just got over a vicious bout of flu. We hatched a plan. We are closing for Christmas early (YAY!!). We are both taking Thursday and Friday off sick. OK, there’s a phone meeting on Thursday afternoon that we have to dial in for. But apart from that we are both off sick.

I stayed up all night yet again last night because at this point I had nothing to lose. I already had a cold, it’s not going to go away, I might as well clear the last of my work deadlines. As a result, as of about half an hour ago, all my work for today is done, hence all my work for the week is done, and it’s only 10.00 on Wednesday morning. My business partner is going to do the last of his work during the day today. Then we are going to close shop for Christmas and that means we are getting two weeks and two days of holiday in total, which is like a miracle. And I am ahead of the game because of staying up all night, so it is two weeks and three days, really, starting NOW. Hooray!!

Of course, if our clients come back to us between now and the end of Friday with even more stuff that they want doing, we will have to do it. But hopefully they won’t. I think we’ve dealt with everyone, met every deadline, pacified everyone. It’s all done. Thank fuck for that.

Now I can go to bed. I can’t go to sleep quite yet because I have to listen out for UPS who are apparently trying to deliver some kind of package to me (I hope it is something exciting!) but I am Off Duty. I am so happy. I am going to lie on my bed, drink tea, watch trashy TV series on my iPad and wait for UPS and then go to sleep.

Then later I will have to run round and do all the housework, get the place looking nice again and try to spruce myself up and medicate my cold into submission because my BFF Klaus is coming over for dinner.

YAY!! Holiday starts today!! The work is done and Christmas is here!!

The Jackson 5: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

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