Madonna is 56.

Aaargh! It is 1.30am and I am a bad mood. There are so many things I could complain about right now.

  • My body hates me, I am the size of a house. I am starting to think that I have developed a lactose intolerance, right out of the blue. This is a crushing blow because I can do low carb without much difficulty but it’s going to be hard to live without dairy. My body fucking hates me, I am so bloated, I am like a giant zeppelin, I can’t get my clothes on and I looked pregnant all day yesterday when I was out of town doing businessy stuff that I’ll tell you about later.
  • My sleep cycles are all over the place. Last night I had two hours of sleep. Then I went out all day to work. Arrived home predictably exhausted. Went to bed at 8.30pm, was hoping to sleep until 4.30am at least. No. Wide awake at half past midnight. I’m at my desk and I’m just going to do a day’s work and wait for the sun to come up. So fucking annoying. I am sick of being awake all night. I wish my gym were open 24 hours, I would go right now.
  • The amount of work we have to do this week continues to be totally unreasonable. I’ve just checked my business emails ready to start work because what else I would I be doing at this time of the morning, and of all the half a dozen projects that needed working on yesterday, my colleague spontaneously picked the one that I’d already brought 90% of the way to completion and started it from scratch so now it’s been done twice. FFS. I’m so annoyed about that. We don’t have time this week to fuck about. I’m not sure whether that was a bigger waste of his time or of mine but either way I am not happy.

I am so desperate for some holiday. I am fat, tired and over-worked and I want to kick something. I just want to be able to sleep normally and go to the gym and maybe play with some of the toys that I spend all my money on.

Raaargh. I need to do some work. Time is running out. It’s already Tuesday. If this volcano of work shows signs of wrecking my Christmas holiday, I will cut someone’s throat.

Let us soothe ourselves with some pictures of Madonna. These are from her brand new photo shoot for Interview magazine. I can’t believe she’s 56. I wish the skin on my face and neck looked that good. My boobs are actually that good. Reasons to be cheerful.

madonna 1

madonna 3

madonna 2

madonna 4

6 thoughts on “Madonna is 56.”

  1. Sharing: it appears your time management is remarkable. It would be behoovin’ to me to do something productive if I wake up early. Science magazine has so much tested /research info. it’s hard to put down.
    Madonna: she’s a performer, I never met her in person, though one of her previous employers was a client of mine. She said Madonna was a crappy baby sitter. (just trying to make you feel better) Performer/dancer- yes – very good. The singer quality uh-oh, I heard every note is digitally corrected, besides, how could a person put all those moves on stage and hold consistent quality notes? Dance class in NY- it’s the boob thing – always trying to make a scene, get more attention, make someone else look bad. “what a bitch” was the quote I heard from a classmate that was there. All before 1977? meaning before she was anybody.

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