In which I finally make it to the gym.

At last.

I went to the gym. At the shop within the gym, I treated myself to a pair of Nike tights in size Large because I am 3-6 months away from being able to fit into my Medium sportswear (sob). At least the large tights fit me around the waist.

nike tights

Then I went on the treadmill for an hour, doing a combination of speed-walking and uphill climbing. Then I swam 30 lengths of the pool. It might have been a bit more than 30 because I lost count a couple of times and had to go back, but it wasn’t less than 30, let’s put it that way.

2 Health points. I am going to update the Achievements page right now, because otherwise I don’t know what it is even for.

Oh, I spoke to Leroy and apparently we are still an item, so that’s great. Just not an item that talked over the weekend.

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