My So-Called Weekend.

It is 10.30 on Saturday night and I have just finished all the work that continued over from Friday. As you can see, I have once again missed the gym. At least I will get a day off tomorrow. Hope so, anyway.

What I am going to do right now is make tea, knit and watch a movie because I really earned a break.

You will notice that Leroy is not here. I am not sure if I have been dumped and it is over already. The good news is, I got all my work done. I would have been (a) stressed and (b) finding that difficult if I’d tried to combine it with socialising.

2 thoughts on “My So-Called Weekend.”

    1. Unfortunately the gym is not open 24 hours. If I have not left my house by 10.30 at night, I’ve missed my chance.

      What I CAN do is go right now, at 2 in the afternoon. So thanks for the prompt 🙂

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