Today’s Christmas Objects.

Today’s objects include a second knitted bauble from Arne & Carlos’s book 55 Christmas Balls to KnitIt is the Poinsettia pattern. We are stupidly busy at work all of a sudden but that didn’t stop me from cheekily finishing this while I was in a phone meeting. Heh heh. No-one can see you knitting and sewing when you are on the phone.

poins bauble

I might try and knit one more before Christmas comes. I have my eye on one with a Christmas tree design on it, which I could do in white and green. I will switch down to the proper size needles and see if that results in a bauble that is smoother and less lumpy.

Last night I wrote the biggest pile of Christmas cards that I’ve ever dealt with outside of business reasons. I’ve never been that organised in the past. I would normally shove a handful of unwritten cards in my suitcase when going on my Christmas travels and family visiting and write them on the spot as I happened to see people. But this year I am well on top of my game and therefore I have not only written all the cards for hand delivery ahead of time, I have a further fourteen cards here that are stamped, addressed and ready to go in the post, including cards for my friends in the US and in Sweden. I am pretty impressed with myself. Additionally, it caused me to realise the point of Xmas cards, which I never really grasped before. I had to text a few of my friends to check their postal addresses and they were without exception pleased to hear from me and keen to make plans to meet. I get it now. The point of sending Xmas cards to people you are not going to see in the immediate future is to keep up your relationship with them. I guess I am a bit slow. Anyway, there you go.

My favourite Christmas card of the selection that’s in UK stores this year is this pop-up number by Waitrose. I have sent out a few of these and am using one as a Christmas ornament and will save it for use in future years. It goes without saying that is a charity-supporting card, with some of the funds going to The Brain Tumour Charity, Contact The Elderly, Crisis and finally, with some irony, Keep Britain Tidy.

stag card

I am displaying it here on my shelf, where we now have a reindeer theme going on.

card on shelf

Right, I’d better do some more work.

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