Daily Home Improvements & Xmas Insanity

Went to bed at 4am. Got up at 9am. Went out for a day of business meetings, taking the Rucksack Project rucksack with me. I’d continued to add to it over the last couple of days so it became a large, bulging Tesco shopping bag that included a pillow, an umbrella and various other useful things. Took it to Centrepoint and handed it to a surprised homelessness worker who was very happy to relieve me of it. I saw a lot of homeless people around town, so I will continue to make rucksacks now I’m aware of this form of community action. It’s not hard, it just means making a point of going into charity shops and looking for sleeping bags, fleeces, rucksacks and thermos flasks until you’ve assembled all the kit. There’s not a shortage of people who need survival kits handing to them, that’s for sure.

Arrived home about 5pm, did two hours of business emails until I was exhausted and irritable. Went to bed at 7.30, thinking I would sleep through the night. Wrong. Woke up at half past midnight.

Got up, wrapped all the children’s Christmas presents for my little nieces and nephews, wrapped a gift for my sister-in-law, which is a major olive branch as we don’t like each other, wrapped a gift for my bff Klaus, took care of Little G’s gift in the form of online banking and wrapped a gift for Leroy which I hope he will like and which I will pragmatically save for Little G next Christmas if Leroy and I aren’t still a going concern by Christmas Day. Wrote a bunch of cards, all the ones that are for hand delivery. So that takes care of all the gift wrapping and all the cards except for the ones that need to be posted, which I will do separately.

Sorted out the recycling, swept the floors, took the rubbish out, did another load of laundry.

So far, so good. It’s now 5.00 on Thursday morning and my next business meeting isn’t until midday so I’m going back to bed for a couple more hours and I’m seriously aiming to go the gym and swim this afternoon because I’m gaining weight like something inside me is broken. I weigh 158 pounds and I’m so bulky I can hardly move.

1 Home point. At some point I really need to go and update the Achievements page. I think I’ve scored about 6 Home points that I haven’t recorded.

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