And relax.

OK, that’s it, I’m out of steam.

I did not make it to the gym this afternoon because there was a sudden influx of new work at my place of employment, all of it with short deadlines. Some of it due for completion by Monday morning. Some of it due for completion next week. The usual production cycle in our industry is 2-3 months, not 2-3 days. I am not going to complain because it is where the money comes from and without money we are all screwed.

What I am going to do is rest and sleep this evening because I am all out of energy for doing anything else, tomorrow is going to be a busy work day and we’ll be working over the weekend.

Note to self, things I still need to do:

– unpack the bathroom stuff from cardboard boxes.

– write and post the Xmas cards that are not for hand delivery.

– finish my colleague’s baby blanket.

Other than that, we are all good. I am ready for Christmas. The house is the cleanest and most well-organised it’s ever been.

I think it says something about how tired I suddenly am that I have been covetously eyeing up Art Deco armchairs. Normally I think furniture that serves no purpose other than relaxing would be a waste of space in my flat. This nice red leather chair (I love Art Deco furniture in red, and look at that contrast piping) is from Retro Sofas in London. Maybe I will keep an eye on their website in case they have a January sale.


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