Four out of six.

They managed to replace four out of six windows. All the ones at the back and side of the house.

new window

Only the front remains. I was secretly triumphant because I KNEW they wouldn’t be able to do six windows in a day, and also I was very relieved that they were not in the mood to try because it meant we didn’t have to tear up the entire flat and move every single object and item of furniture. Just most of it. Only about 85 or 90% of it. I am happy that we are doing the last two windows on another day. It is better. It gives me a chance to put all of the furniture and bookcases back and replace all the contents of the kitchen and bathroom which are right now resident in many, many cardboard boxes. All of that can be put away. Putting it away means that clearing enough space to fit the final two windows is now physically possible and does not just exist as an idea in the fevered and ambitious imagination of the guy who owns the windows company.

The major benefits of today’s window-replacing activities are: (a) I can now use the back room again, right now it is needed for Christmas present wrapping and storing gifts, paper, tape, millions of cards, etc. (b) after Christmas is over I will be able to thoroughly clean, plaster and paint the back room and THEN I can properly arrange my sewing, knitting and other craft stuff. I have a whole table for my sewing machine so I can finally sew. (c) I can now arrange to fit a blind in the kitchen. Right now, of course, it has no window covering so once again I had to make a screen out of a paper tablecloth, which I have taped and nailed to the wall, using drawing pins. I now wish I had chosen a Xmas table cloth but it is too late. I can’t believe I’ve just spent several thousand pounds on windows and the place still looks like a squat.

kitchen window cloth

Right then, it is shockingly late already so I’d better make a complete list of tonight’s tasks as my business partner is coming over here tomorrow morning and we can’t have a serious work session when I am not sure where the kettle is and all the furniture is in the wrong rooms.

  • Kitchen. Scrub down the sink and draining board. Return all of the saucepans, casserole dishes, baking trays, various other utensils and implements, crockery and glassware to the kitchen because currently every single item is in the living room. Put back the cookery books. Find somewhere to put the box of baking ingredients that I’ve assembled. I was totally disgusted to learn that my supermarket didn’t have cookie cutters(!) and nor did Homebase, so I had to order some off Amazon, where else. They should be here in a few days. Then we can bake and generally play with food. Here’s a picture of my forthcoming cookie cutters and here is a recipe for Melted Snowman Cookies that I am totally planning on making. I don’t know who is going to eat all this stuff. I will have to feed up Leroy, who has a young person’s metabolism and is slimmer than I am to begin with.

cookie cutters


  • Hall. Maybe kitchen as well. Hang some fairy lights that I bought when I was in Homebase looking for cookie cutters.
  • Living room. Attach some hooks to the new window frame and rehang the curtain. Put the bookcase back where it was. Refill it with books. Put the Xmas tree back where it was. Put ornaments and glassware back on shelves. Put Xmas decorations back.
  • Bathroom. Put all the bathroom stuff back in the correct place, it is currently in a box in the living room like everything else that I own.
  • Back bedroom. Unload, move and restack piles of boxes in a way that permits access to my Xmas wrapping, cards and gifts and also the ironing board. Wrap children’s gifts. Write cards, Separate cards for hand delivery from cards to be sent.
  • When that’s all done, try to finish my colleague’s baby blanket that is a year overdue.

I think that’s all. I am so tired. There wasn’t very much sleep last night. I almost think that if I went for a two-hour nap now, I would be able to keep going through the rest of tonight and into tomorrow’s work day. I might do that. You can see why I am so desperate for some holiday from work.

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