Everything is great because it is Christmas and there is love.

In the end, Leroy came over today. It was better. I had finally had a good night’s sleep and my house looks amazing because it is right in between the stage where I decluttered and cleaned as though my life depended on it, and the stage where I have to empty the bookshelves and move all the furniture, which I will do after dinner this evening. It looks really nice. It is clean, it is almost spartan in the amount of clutter that it doesn’t have, and there are cute Christmas decorations and Christmas stuff. Right now I am having a mince pie and a glass of port while I am waiting for dinner to cook. Mince pies and glasses of port are not an official part of my diet, but fuck it. Tonight’s dinner is mackerel, rocket and a handful of oven chips and I might watch some sort of Christmas movie while I am eating.

Let me show you a Christmas thing, I got this idea from Arne and Carlos. Baubles do not always have to go on the tree, okay. If you have unused ones, you can thread them on to a piece of wide ribbon and hang them from the walls, or anywhere you like, regardez-vous:

baubles 1

baubles 2

Things with Leroy are great. Really great. We are rushing it and we don’t care.

  • The sex is amazing, he blew my mind today. I can’t believe how enormously fat I am and I further can’t believe that he doesn’t care and he even thinks I’m attractive. He tells me I’m sexy, he certainly looks at me with hunger and he manhandles me in a way that, if I were prone to using that sort of language, would make me say that unlike the little white boys, he knows what to do with a thick woman.
  • I shared with him my plans for Christmas, the best part being my two week holiday from work and got him excited about it. He is going to come over regularly and we are going to play Xbox games together and bake cookies as well as fucking each other senseless.
  • He said that one half of my bed is his now, that he slept like a baby the last time he was here and that I should expect him to sleep here regularly over the festive period.
  • He said that even though we only met just over a week ago, he totally missed me all week in way that defied logic and rationality.
  • Oh yeah, the best part, I told him about the Rucksack Project and he got REALLY excited about that and wants to make a rucksack for someone. So I am going to totally encourage him to do that, we are both going to scour charity shops for sleeping bags, etc, and when we’ve each fully assembled a survival-kit rucksack we can go out together and find homeless people to give them to. He loved the idea. His face was shining.

So that’s us. We are doing fabulously. He said he is kind of shocked how much and how fast he likes me, and I said ‘don’t worry. Follow your instincts’. He would be here now except that there is a family party this evening because his little sister is 18 so he had to go home to South London. I expect he will be back later this week.

The window replacement company is coming tomorrow morning and who knows what fresh hell that could bring, but as of right now everything is lovely. If I am extremely lucky, the windows will be replaced without a problem and I will be able to get my Christmas nest back to looking the way it should. I am thinking that it needs more decorations so as soon as the windows people have left I will get on that. I think we need some fairy lights and mistletoe in the hall. Also maybe some fairy lights in the kitchen. Finally, I am thinking about baking. I suddenly feel that I want to bake Christmas cookies and I might not be able to wait for Leroy to get started. Because look at these. Chocolate gingerbread men. I wonder if they sell the right kind of cookie cutters in my supermarket. They’re bound to have something, aren’t they. If not gingerbread men, then stars or something. The recipe is courtesy of Stork and Homemaker Magazine.


Right then, I must go because my dinner is ready. Wish me luck for the windows tomorrow, there will be news at the end of the day.

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