I wish I had a bit more confidence in how this is going to work.

I am worried about the fact that the windows replacement company is going to attempt to do major building work in every room in my flat simultaneously, in one day, starting in less than 48 hours.

I have had almost no sleep because it is a gigantic task trying to reduce my belongings to the bare essentials and pack what remains into tightly-stacked boxes when THERE IS NOWHERE TO PUT THE BOXES. LITERALLY NOWHERE FOR THEM TO GO.

I simply cannot visualise how there is going to be enough room for the builders to even physically get in here carrying large pieces of window frame, then remove 6 large windows and install completely new ones from INSIDE my flat while all my furniture and general stuff is still in here. I just have no confidence in this plan at all. I hope they know what they are doing.

The room with the most clutter in it was the back room. I have reduced the amount of unwanted clutter by I would say 80%. There are still boxes of assorted cables and semi redundant technology that I will in no way have a chance to go through between now and Monday, so they are still here, taking up valuable space and getting ready to make everyone’s life extra difficult on Monday morning. I have reduced the overall contents of the back room by about one-third. The remaining two-thirds is all in boxes and crates and they are squeezed tightly into the corner of the room that is furthest away from the window, leaving as much space as possible around the window. This is the best and most successful room from the point of view of making space for the builders and it has taken days. The amount of domestic labour has been quite staggering. Now all my Christmas stuff, stuff that I need, including cards and unwrapped gifts, is in crates in the back of that fucking corner so when the builders have finished wrecking my flat on Monday, I can’t even shut the door on it. I will have to set to work unloading and moving all the crates so that I can get to the stuff I need ahead of Xmas. Then after Xmas I will have to restack and move all the crates YET AGAIN so I can clean, plaster and redecorate the room. The amount of work and the amount of time this is using up, of the precious hours that exist outside of my full-time job, makes me feel a lot like crying if I let myself think about it. So I am not thinking about it. In any case, there isn’t time.

So that’s the back room. There’s basically nothing I can do about the bedroom until I’ve finished using the bed for sleeping in on Sunday night. The bathroom and kitchen will have to wait, there is no point removing everything from the bathroom and kitchen because there is nowhere to remove it TO. What we will have to do is get the builders to start work in the back room, when that’s finished we can effortfully remove the contents of my bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room into that room.

So that’s me. I am sweaty. I am filthy dirty. I have decluttered everything that it is physically possible for me to declutter in the time available. I would like to sleep for a few hours because I have had no sleep but instead I now have to run round the living room, hall and kitchen and: tidy up remaining junk; throw out rubbish; wash dishes; clean surfaces; mop floors. Vanish a giant pile of clothes in the bedroom. Don’t do any laundry because there is no longer any place to dry it.

And that’s all the news. I am dreading Leroy texting me to say he is on his way over. 1 Home point. When I have time to collect a Home point. I think I might be a couple behind already.

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