Christmas Gifts: who cares about homelessness? Well, apparently quite a few people.

I want to share with you the highlight of my day, this really moved me.

There’s an online community that I belong to and at Christmas they give each other gifts, mostly anonymously, Secret-Santa style.

I was called to the Secret Santa discussion because someone who’s glad I’m a member of that community (Satan bless them) wanted to buy me an online present. As I am spoiled rotten and have everything I need, I thanked my anonymous benefactor and asked them if they would kindly use the money to provide a hot drink and a snack to someone homeless instead, because it is cold out there and the thought of homelessness, more than any other kind of human suffering, tears me to shreds.

Not only did the person happily agree to do this but suddenly a little trend started up. Even though the convention is that people only get one present each, in the last few hours three more people have joined in and are making these gifts on my behalf. So I’ve had four presents today in total. Three hot drink and snack combos and one person who has just made a donation in my name to a non-profit law firm that helps the homeless, sex workers and drug addicts.

I am actually crying a bit. People’s kind generosity. That they would do that just for me, because I wanted it. I’m really touched.

Edited to update: that makes five. Somebody just mailed me to tell me that they bought a meal for a young homeless couple this evening, on my behalf.

ETA again: That makes six. Someone’s just donated to Shelter in my name.

ETA again: This is really taking off now and we are up to 8 gifts and donations.

ETA again: We’re in double figures. People are donating to Shelter in the UK and the National Alliance to End Homelessness in the US. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and I’ve just made a donation to Shelter myself that I hope matches the value of all of them.

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