That’s me all partnered up, then.

I don’t know where to start. Perhaps I should start at the end, where he went home this morning and within the hour had cancelled his online dating account, so fast that I didn’t even have time to download his photos.

Or maybe the part just before the end where he told me he was going to do this because now he’s met me he has no interest in meeting anyone else.

Or maybe the part before that, the part where he kept me up all night, telling me how beautiful I am and giving me a good aerobic workout that didn’t end until I begged for mercy. The part where he displayed a mighty strong personality and an unbreakable core of self-determination that means that, despite a 22-year age gap, I can be as alpha as I want without intimidating him or diluting him. He is quite something. He is not afraid of me.

He is very unusual, and I say that as someone who dates a lot of younger guys. He has a really powerful sense of himself and he folded me into his arms like a kindred spirit and called me his sister. I love him already. I really do. He makes me feel great about myself, even though I’m now 20 or 25 pounds heavier than I should be. We find each other extremely hot (he’s gorgeous, fit and firm and is the golden brown colour of autumn leaves, what’s not to like) and we achieved a beautiful understanding within a few hours of being alone together, where I speak to him as though he is my equal – how often does that happen – and we are completely transparent with each other.

We made all kinds of plans together. We like a whole bunch of the same things. We are already planning trips away together. He not only likes the same music as me, he even knows some of the artists. He can box – his uncle, who I will not name-drop, is a world-famous boxer that you would have heard of even if you don’t know anything about boxing. He is entrepreneurial and likes to talk about business. He’s competent – he and Charlie are not even on the same planet. He doesn’t need me to tell him what to do; he knows already, he’s on the case, he’s quite likely to try telling me what to do. He’s young but he is a real man. I am excited. I am smiling all over my face this afternoon and I can’t wait for him to return.

Snoop Dogg: Who Am I (What’s My Name)

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