My Party.

My house looks lovely and I am only sad it is not closer to Xmas, otherwise my Xmas tree would be up by now. I am having a very small party this evening with just one guest.

– Pretty much the whole house is clean, I should just go and double-check the bathrooms.

– The floors have been mopped.

– There is a new pot plant on my dining table, a poinsettia as it happens, I got it in Homebase just now when I was buying the mop.

– The rubbish has been taken out. There was dusting. Unsightly objects have been hidden.

– I’m about to put in a load of laundry so that the lid will once again fit on the laundry basket.

– There is food for tonight’s dinner in my very clean fridge, also food for breakfast.

– I have cocktail ingredients and remembered to get a new bag of ice cubes as well as lemons, etc.

– I’m on schedule for getting a shower and putting on make-up.

– Leroy is expected in just under two hours.

I am so having a Home point for this. My house has rarely looked better except for maybe that one time that I painted the kitchen floor because I thought the Head Honcho was coming over. 1 Home point.


Nat King Cole: That Christmas Song

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