I’ve just pulled a piece of ice the size of my head off the back wall of my fridge. It was like a re-enactment of Moby Dick (I am on chapter 52).

I’ve never defrosted my fridge before, hence the iceberg. It needed doing, as it was filthy. More importantly, it is part of a chain of events that culminates in my windows being replaced at the start of January. It goes like this:

– Early January: windows replaced. They are all being done on the same day, at least, that is the plan, so therefore I need to create the maximum possible amount of space in my tightly-crammed flat for the work to take place.

– Immediately prior to that, Xmas. I have plans for Xmas and I most definitely do NOT plan to spend my precious Xmas holiday doing housework.

– Therefore extreme and final Decluttering needs to happen before Xmas. It is already 27th November. Every single unwanted and unnecessary item of junk needs to be well and truly out of my house before December 19th.

– And where there is decluttering, there is cleaning, which is why I’ve just cleaned my fridge in a way that it’s never been cleaned before.

1 Home point. This place is going to be a pristine vessel of declutteredness by Xmas, aye, shipmates.

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