Fashion Notes: American Apparel

There has been one more element of shopping, mainly driven by the fact that I physically cannot fit into any of my clothes. As long-time readers know, I buy clothes very infrequently. About every 18 months to 2 years. I just did a search of the blog for fashion and it looks like the last time I bought any clothes was in July 2013, and that was all sportswear. The last time I bought work clothes and date wear, that is, everyday clothes that can be worn outside of the gym, was December 2012. So I was about due for some sort of wardrobe update anyway, but the more so because right now I am as fat as hell, I look terrible in the clingy and fitted dresses that I usually wear, and I am starting to date again.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. I am starting to date again. Even though I am the size of a house and too embarrassed to see Blondie or Socrates, who know what I look like slim. In fact, I went on a date last night with a very nice man (who was not relationship material, but still lovely) and I was nearly in tears trying to find something to wear until I eventually dug out of my wardrobe a completely shapeless gold dress and slung on a loose-fitting lime green mohair jumper over the top. It was such a relief. I found a pair of stretchy tights that didn’t dig into my middle too much and it was the most comfortable I’ve been for weeks in any outfit that wasn’t pyjamas or tracksuit bottoms.

That settled it. I can’t have any more days out of the house where I’m walking around in physical and mental pain because my clothes don’t fit me. I knew what I needed. I needed a couple of generously-proportioned work shirts, and I needed some dresses with absolutely no waist so that I have room to breathe while I’m waiting for my excess weight to come off. I didn’t know where I was going to obtain these items, but I knew that shapeless dresses with no waist was what I required.

Then I found myself in Camden this evening, arriving rather early to meet my friend J (for which I scored 1 Friends point). With 20 minutes to kill before our restaurant table would be available, I tried to go to Superdrug to buy mouthwash, found it was closing, and diverted into the still-open store next door, which turned out to be American Apparel. And guess what they had in stock. That’s right. Big shirts and shapeless dresses. Want a few photos? Yes, you do.

OK, so in this first picture you can see the items I brought home with me from the store. Two shirts, three dresses, a jumper and a cardigan. The canvas boxing boots on the right aren’t from American Apparel, they were from Fashion Shoe Shop on Amazon a few weeks ago, for the ridiculously low price of £10. As you can see, I have white boots and black boots and the Fashion Shoe Shop was kind enough to send me a variety of coloured laces. I’m going to put white laces in the black boots. Let’s take a closer look at the clothes.

aa clothes 1

Two over-sized shirts that will be great for work. They are slightly translucent which makes wearing a giant shirt a bit more stylish and I can wear a camisole or something underneath. Will be good with a long skirt or a pair of smart trousers. Handily, I already have some black wool business trousers in a large size.

aa shirts

A red floral dress and a red mohair cardigan. This dress is roomy and so comfortable. It is also quite short and therefore is not suitable for business meetings but will be great for dates and I can wear it with the black canvas boots to punk it up a bit and make it slightly less girly. It is really cute. If you do up the buttons on the cardigan then the bottom part of the dress flares out like a flirty little skirt.

aa red dress

A similarly-shaped loose-fitting dress in black and white that’s going to look nice with this blue jumper and either pair of boots. Again, short, but that’s okay because I do have good legs.

Excuse the grotty paintwork, I took these photos in the hall because it is the part of the house that has the strongest light after nightfall, and it is waiting to be redecorated, but I am not painting the walls and woodwork until after I have had all the windows replaced in the new year.

aa dress bw

The other dress. This one is even MORE shapeless and the style is very accurately called ‘a tent dress’ by American Apparel, who seem to be going out of their way to make customers feel okay about being fat. It couldn’t be any more roomy, even on me, and it looks nice under the blue jumper and with the white boots.

aa tent dress 1

aa tent dress 2

That dress is such a simple shape, if I could learn to sew, I could make a whole bunch of them for practically nothing, and when my Home Improvements are all done, in a few months, perhaps by spring, I will have a whole entire room for crafts, and then we will really see some sewing action.

So that’s great and I have three dresses there that will do quite nicely for dates and smart-casual social occasions like when I was meeting my friend tonight. Because they are all quite short, there are two final dresses that are longer that I am having delivered and that are most definitely for business occasions. They will be great with more formal, leather boots, a blazer and a smart handbag. I don’t have them yet, of course, so here are the pictures from the website.

Black dress.

aa long dress black 2

Print dress.

aa print dress

And that’s all the fashion news. So that’s me all sorted for work and dating purposes, and I can be pretty much as fat as I need to be, until I’m not fat any more.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Notes: American Apparel”

    1. Thanks. It is just such a relief to have something that I can fit into. You will notice that I am not back in the gym yet, this is because I still have flu and I can’t swim until my chest clears. So I am going to be overweight for a while longer.

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