Kitchen Activity, with bonus Church.

I didn’t want the whole day to be defined by the failure of to install my cooker hood, so I took action. If we are not having a cooker hood, which I am happy to live without, then there’s no reason why I can’t unpack all my boxes of kitchen stuff and put everything away.

I scrubbed the newly-exposed tiles, and the kitchen cupboards, and the insides of the cupboards, and now they are the cleanest they’ve ever been since I moved here in 2006. Then I went through all the things that normally go in the cupboards – spices, tea, coffee, baking stuff, sauces, soups, cereals, everything that doesn’t need to go in the fridge, and threw out everything that was out of date, which turned out to be almost all of it. Amazing! Turns out I had three tubs of peppercorns, they were all past their use-by date and the oldest one went off in 2004. Seriously. So now my cupboards are clean and shiny, have loads of room in them, and the only remaining contents are things that are still okay to eat. I filled up two black bin liners with out of date stuff. No wonder it seemed like the cupboards were too small.

kitchen cupboards

Also, I realised that I don’t have to keep things that I don’t like. I used to keep my sugar in an old ceramic jar out of sheer obedience because it said ‘sugar’ on the front and for no other reason. But it is an ugly old thing and I’ve never liked it. Today, I realised that I am not obliged to keep it, so it is going in the recycling bin and my sugar has been decanted into that lovely pink tin that you see there, which originally held tea. As for the two ceramic jars beneath it, jars that I do actually like, the yellow one has tea bags in it and the red one has instant coffee. I have had these jars for a long time but now I’m actually using them instead of just letting them take up rent-free space in my house.


There is still plenty to do in my kitchen and the most visible thing is the cupboards under the sink, where the pans and crockery go. Right now, they look like this:


I dare say we can improve on that situation. Tonight? Maybe, maybe not. But either way I am having 1 Home point because the kitchen looks loads better than it did and all this decluttering is slowly moving us towards the final goal of getting the windows replaced just after Xmas. The less clutter there is standing around in cardboard boxes, the easier and less disruptive replacing the windows is going to be. I have emptied at least 2, maybe 3, boxes of kitchen stuff out of my mockingly nicknamed ‘spare room’ this evening.

Let’s have some Church.

Knife Party: Bonfire (2012)

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