I lost three pounds this week.

So that’s pretty amazing, isn’t it. I mostly stuck to the diet. There were a couple of lapses involving chocolate buttons when I was desperate. I worked some very long hours. I was out of London all day yesterday and didn’t get home until nearly midnight. I’m finding wheat and dairy a lot easier to abstain from than sugar, but in general I am sticking with the programme. I am boiling a couple of eggs for breakfast right now, which I will eat with spinach again.

When I took my special grocery list shopping last week, I couldn’t believe the amount of vegetables I came home with. I wondered if I was seriously going to eat them all. But I have eaten nearly all of them. I have some left over lettuce because apparently I prefer spinach, one left over courgette and I have spare green beans and broccoli in the freezer but I only because I bought two family-size bags.

It’s been an interesting experience so far, this diet. There’s more meat and fish on the menu than I would normally consume, usually I would favour cheese and get through quite a lot of it. But hey, I am not complaining, if I am going to lose weight this way, then fine, I will forego cheese and eat slices of cold chicken and turkey instead.

I’m almost out of fresh vegetables now so I will have to go the supermarket today and stock up for the week. I think I can succeed at this diet. A couple of times during the week I was starving hungry so I went in the kitchen and cooked a huge plate of green vegetables which I ate with no dressing and that seems not to have done my waistline any harm. So yay, I guess. It’s not the most exciting diet in the whole world but it seems to be doing the trick. We will see what next week brings.

2 thoughts on “I lost three pounds this week.”

  1. Well, I just left the climb gym ,( you should give a try) if I’d been 3 lbs. lighter I’d have made the last hold. keep at it – good job (not expecting anyone to know or care about rock climb)
    Surely it would be rare for anyone to know what this is. You mentioned Wheat: There is a grain that looks like wheat, but much tastier, it’s from ancient Italy and called Farro. Here in US it’s hard to find, I’m sure it’s full of gluten which is only bad for 1 in 133 people with a gluten intolerance. Note: it will change your digestion, consider healthier. You could make cereal from it , I like it raw, hard, dry, uncooked, just chew it up- maybe a 1/4 cup in the morning and you are good till noon.

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