The kitchen is closed this evening.

I cannot cook tonight. I am going to be working late again. I just ate a slice of cold chicken and half a dozen Brazil nuts at my desk.

We might have to revise the criteria for the Chef badge as the diet was fitting in okay around flu but is not fitting in okay around work days that are more than 20 hours long. Let’s say that I can collect the Chef badge if I manage to learn to cook five new meals. So far I have cooked: grilled sea bass (whole); baked cod fillet; lamb chop, that makes three meals that I never would have attempted before. In the freezer I have a mackerel, strips of beef for stir frying and some chicken fillets. So let’s say that if I can learn to make two more new dishes from those ingredients, which is not going to be tonight, then that’s badge-worthy. Sounds fair, doesn’t it.

I am tired. But now I need to get back to work. Thankfully, it is nearly the weekend.

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