No wheat, no sugar, no dairy.

If I do not lose weight on this diet, I will be surprised. I am beginning to see how it works now. You eat a truckload of undecorated fish, lean meat, undressed salad and steamed vegetables and by Day 2.5 food has lost all its appeal. It’s 6pm, I’m hungry, and I need to go and grill a fun-size lamb chop and I would almost rather not bother. It is sheer hunger that is driving me into the kitchen. I just can’t get excited about spinach and broccoli again, not that I don’t like those things, but they would be a lot better with some cheese sauce.

I am sublimating my desire for all these banned foods by buying things from the supermarket and stashing them away for Christmas, which is becoming the Holy Festival of Carbs. I was driving myself crazy this afternoon thinking about how much I wanted a thick slice of fruit cake, so I eventually went to Waitrose and bought a Christmas cake, a box of Maltesers and a bottle of sherry and then hid them in the cupboard to wait for Jebus’s birthday.

Bah. I am less bloated, anyway, I cannot deny that. I doubt I have lost any actual fat because this horrible cold/flu has prevented me from moving around too much, but there is no question that I am less pregnant-looking than usual. Which is good, isn’t it.

I suppose I’d better go and grill the world’s smallest lamb chop, then. Back soon.

2 thoughts on “No wheat, no sugar, no dairy.”

    1. I am a bit desperate. When you can’t wear a bra or a pair of tights for more than a couple of hours without feeling like you are being cut in half, that’s also not a life worth living. And unfortunately, you know, business wear. I don’t have the option of going without bras and tights.

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