Fish again.

Tonight it is cod. I opened the package and was very relieved to see that it was a fillet and not a whole fish, last night’s encounter with a dead sea creature being more than I was prepared for.

This time, I did not fuck about with vegetables, because the horrid thing did not have a cavity where its entrails used to be. I just brushed it with a mix of olive oil, chilli powder and lemon juice, with reasonable confidence, wrapped it in foil and shoved it in the oven. We are baking tonight rather than grilling, not that I can see what difference that makes if it’s covered in foil. I will go back and check it in due course and it is being served with a salad. This fucking diet. If you knew how much I just want chocolate and pastry. Anyway, there will be photos in due course.

I am working on Moby Dick, although I didn’t get as much reading done this afternoon as I optimistically hoped because instead of reading in bed, I fell asleep and then woke up with a headache, that being the nature of being off sick as opposed to being on holiday. The main reason I am so breathlessly excited about Xmas this year is because I don’t think I’ve had a single day off work this year where I didn’t feel ill since I was beaten up in April. Xmas is sacred to me this year. Not because of baby Jesus but because I am absolutely desperate for some time off work that isn’t sick leave. It’s been a very challenging year. I would like to end it in a happy way.

Back soon.

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