Okay we are just guessing now.

I opened up the foil parcel, which was leaking hot butter, and it didn’t seem like the fish was completely cooked. It seemed like it was getting there, it wasn’t raw, but it wasn’t as cooked as one would hope. I am not an experienced enough cook to know why – maybe it’s because it’s a whole fish, maybe it isn’t close enough to the heating elements, maybe I added too many vegetables, who knows. I’m just going to leave it in until it seems like something should have changed and then take another look.

While I was attempting to cook, some random guy off the dating website called me. We’ve never actually met, I think I lost interest in him around the time that I met Charlie so he’s had my number for 3 months or something and occasionally texts me. He texted me this afternoon: ‘Hi, how are you?’ I replied ‘I feel absolutely awful, I am in bed with flu’. For some reason he took this as a sign that he should ring me up. Because of course I want to talk on the phone and arrange dates. Of course I do. That sounds like a great idea when I am running a fever that is hotter than the inside of my oven. I should block his number.

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