Meh. I am sick.

I am so ill today. I am streaming with snot, I have a fever and my head is pounding.

I don’t know how much I will be able to do actual cooking today because using the new oven feels difficult and I am not up to reading the manual, I can barely hold my head up long enough to write this post. But fortunately, thanks to my shopping yesterday, there’s no need for me to go off-plan because I have cold meat in the fridge that I can use, and loads of salad. So it will be okay. I can just eat cold dishes until I feel better.

If you think that I probably want cups of tea and chocolate right now, you would be right. But I am not having any. Their benefit is purely psychological and in any case I am too ill to go out and buy chocolate.

What I have eaten so far today. That is smoked salmon, a boiled egg and some salad, with extra spinach. The salad has lemon juice and a bit of olive oil on it. I was not sure whether this was breakfast or lunch as it was afternoon already so I added some extra salad to bulk it up a bit from breakfast status.

salmon egg salad

This is what I wish I was eating. I wish I had about three bags of these with a cup of tea.


These are so yummy. They are: chocolate buttons with caramel inside; chocolate-coated fudge sticks; soft fruit jellies by Maynards. So nice. Mondelez (owners of Cadbury, that makes the chocolate, and this product) seems to believe its own hype when it says this is a ‘sharing bag’ and went to the unnecessary expense of making it reclosable. Are they kidding? This is 124g of confectionery. It is 4 small pieces of fudge, 8 chocolate buttons and about as many fruit jellies. I don’t need help eating 124g of confectionery, okay. Not even in this condition. This guy reviewed the product on his blog, has photos and reached the same conclusion. That is a one-person serving. They could have packaged it in a normal bag and shaved something off the price.

Just as well I don’t have any. I am putting them on my Christmas list.

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