It turned out to be a whole fish.

It wasn’t a fillet. It had skin and a tail, but no head, thank Satan. Someone had helpfully shoved wedges of butter into its gills so that clued me up that it was ready to cook insofar as it didn’t need further butchering.

sea bass 1

Is it normal to be squeamish of raw fish? I didn’t want to touch it. I’ve never touched a raw fish before, that was horrible.

OK, so despite the helpful clues provided by the butter, it seemed like it would need something doing to it before I cooked it, so I made a mix of olive oil, lemon juice and chilli powder, lacking any garlic or coriander, and brushed it on the outsides of the fish as well as the inside.

oil chilli

oiled on foil

That fish belly seemed like it ought to contain something, so I followed the advice of the lady from and sliced up some vegetables. Red pepper, a stick of celery and a tomato.


I stuffed as many vegetables as I could inside the fish and balanced the remainder on the top.

stuffed fish

Then I securely wrapped up the foil parcel and it is grilling now. I am giving it slightly longer than 10 minutes on each side because of the amount of veg and because of it being a whole fish. Then I will let it stand for five minutes, then unwrap it and hope it’s okay.

Right, I am going to wash up. More photos in a few minutes.

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