I am going into the kitchen to cook fish.

It is a mystery to me how I can be so ill and yet still feel hungry, but there you have it. Also I’m worried about that sea bass going off. So I am going to go into the kitchen and attempt to cook fish for the first time. I am planning to cook it in foil because I really can’t face washing grill pans. As I have no idea what to do, I initially looked in my Jamie Oliver recipe book, but the cocky little twat says that if you haven’t started eating fish on the regular before “you are forty and falling apart”, you might as well not bother. So fuck him. How old is he, anyway? He must be forty by now, the fat bastard. I am using this link from about.com instead, she seems like a nice lady. I might take the Jamie Oliver book to the charity shop.

Wish me luck, I’m going in. I don’t even know whether I have a whole fish or a fillet. I hope it’s a fillet. I guess I’m about to find out.

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