OK, I am going for the Swimmer badge, as part of our Brownie Points themed season. In order to keep things nice and simple, and for the avoidance of delays, I have decided that the qualification for winning this badge is going to be swimming 500 lengths of my local pool.

Several months or a year ago when I was very fit (I only now realise), when I could swim for 90 minutes or even two hours without much difficulty, I could have polished off 500 lengths in no time. But that was then and this is now. As of now, I am very unfit and out of practice. I get cramp in my feet after swimming 20 lengths, and after 30 lengths I am breathless and red in the face. But I shall not complain, I shall just get on and do it. There is only one way to become fitter, and that is to exercise. There’s no way around it, you have to go through.

So that’s why I returned to the gym this evening, keeping my head down and not looking at anyone, for fear of bumping into Delroy the Beautiful or anyone else who might remember me from when I was thin and gorgeous less than a year ago, and swam 30 lengths.

30 down, 470 to go. 1 Health point.

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