I have played no video games today, which is what I was hoping to do with my day, having installed a bunch of games yesterday and got up bright and early this morning with that express intention, and now I don’t even want to.

Instead, I have spent the whole day reading financial paperwork. Carefully reading every single document I possess in connection with my house purchase, mortgage, lease, buildings insurance, conveyancing, etc. That bit took over four hours all by itself. I found out that I am liable for the roof repairs after all. I am liable for 12.5% of the total cost of the roof. And a share of the scaffolding. And the full cost of all of my six windows. Fuck fuck fuck.

After that, because my mood for fun had completely evaporated, I started reading and filing documents about home contents insurance and travel insurance and life insurance and tax and credit cards. And then I filed receipts and sorted bank statements and separated urgent work tasks into a separate tray, and on and on. It has used up the whole entire day, it’s 7pm now and I might as well just carry on because I am fit for nothing else. Even the thought of alcohol has lost its appeal.

I still don’t know what the final damage is that I’m going to incur for windows plus roof, I just know that it is going to be a lot and that the work is scheduled to happen within the next 8 weeks. So I will just have to hope that I can scrape together the necessary funds.

It is a good job that I have already paid for the new cooker and it is also a good job that the people from the blinds company didn’t fulfil their appointment because I can’t afford it now. I will just have to tack up a net curtain or something with some drawing pins. FML.

I am so having a Finance point for this. 1 Finance point, motherfuckers. That was about the least fun it’s possible to have on what is allegedly a day off.

monday good

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