Brownie Points

As you know, Brownie Points is the name of the new TLYW themed season where I try to accomplish things that are slightly larger than individual Achievement Points, taking Brownie and Girl Scout or Girl Guide badges as inspiration.

I’ve decided to start going for the Making Friends badge. I have arbitrarily decided that this is going to require:

– seeing 4 existing friends, needs to be spread across 4 separate occasions.

– making 1 new friend; this is the more challenging part and will force me out of the house. The obvious solution would be for me to start attending one of the various clubs that I belong to and never participate in.

That means I’m now working on 3 badges simultaneously (Making Friends, Bookworm, Artist): I think I need some method of keeping track of them as they start to stack up. I will make a new page for the blog that is similar to the Achievements page and I can log my progress there.

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