Happy Birthday TLYW

We are 4 years old today. Thank you SO MUCH for coming on the big journey with me. So much love. Wish I could hand round actual cake.

4 today

The Brownie Points project is coming along well already. I can see that it is going to be instrumental in helping me to develop new interests. Last night, with one eye on the Artist badge, I took out my pack of pencils and spent the evening taking some lessons from an art book I’ve been reading, and now I have a few sketches. There we go, that’s better than spending all evening playing video games, isn’t it. If I manage to draw something that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to show all of you, then I will claim the Artist Badge and in the meantime I am having 1 Art point for making an effort.

I went to the dentist yet again today (1 Health point) which included having my teeth bleached. They look AMAZING and now I’m scared to eat or drink anything. I am going to the supermarket later to buy foods and beverages that are white, because that’s what I’m going to be living on over the weekend. Probably yogurt and chicken and rice and drinks of milk. God damn. You just don’t know how much I want a cup of tea. I am British, after all.

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