France was Nice.

Sorry not to have posted for so long, everyone. France was quite challenging work-wise, and we have also been busy since I returned. News in brief.

– The house fly problem is under control but now there are moths as well so the new fierce hoover is getting some exercise.

– I am shockingly chunky and need to get back in the gym asap.

– Charlie and I are still getting on well, we’ve been dating for just over a month, if memory serves. There are plans to finally leave the house and go see some art, which will be good as you get TLYW Achievement points for that.

I haven’t finished sorting out all my photos from France but it occurs to me that that’s no reason to keep all of them from you, so here are some.

Nice is on the French Riviera and it is like stepping on to a film set from the late 1950s or early 1960s, where a romantic film is being shot about rich people who are on holiday. That blonde lady in the blouse and skirt is perfectly attired for the surroundings.


The cooking was amazing of course and all the food was gorgeously presented, this is why I did not lose any weight:


Lots of nice Art Deco architecture, like we saw when TLYW went to Miami a couple of years ago.


Sculpture. I like public art. The one with the human head topped by a big cube marks the location of the library.



I didn’t get to go to the beach because business reasons but I would most definitely consider the South of France for a late summer holiday another year, since they seem to have nice, hot summer weather well into September when all the kids are back at school and hence it won’t be overrun with families.

More pictures soon. As I sat on a roof terrace cafe one day, eating lunch next to the rooftop swimming pool, they played this song. It’s not particularly French but I liked it anyway. Tomorrow is the third anniversary of the day I met the Head Honcho. I only miss him deep in my soul some of the time.

Cash Cash ft. Bebe Rexha: Take Me Home (2013)

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