We have just reached the end of Week 2 of the new super-strength happy pills. Going from 20mg to 30mg is quite a big jump. I asked my GP if I could expect a return of interesting side effects and she said ‘probably not’ but it turns out otherwise. I am basically OK and it isn’t like the first time around when I had every side effect in the book but I have been mostly asleep for about a week. I am hanging on in there because I overcame it pretty well before and therefore I think I will do so again when my body has adjusted to this new dose. I am also gaining weight quite rapidly because I am burning up approximately zero calories each day, but I am trying not to worry about it, I will lose it again when I am not so knocked out all the time.

Let me see what news there is. My period is back, so I guess that’s good. It was nice not having one but not so nice having to constantly wonder if it was going to show up at any minute on any given day. Now, not having had a period for two months, I’m bleeding quite hard, so that might also help to explain why I am so wiped out this week, I guess.

I went out last Thursday and had dinner with my friend D, scoring 1 Friends point.

The main news, I guess, is dating news. Do you remember back on 12 August when I blogged about two guys, William and Charlie? Well, William didn’t make it to a third date and has now gone to Canada, but Charlie … we are getting along beautifully. So nicely. He would be here now except I didn’t have the strength today to wash the dishes and change the sheets so I told him to wait until the weekend.

Charlie has spent the whole of the last two weekends with me, and one of them was an extra-long bank holiday weekend so we had a few days together. He is lovely. He is so easy to get along with. He is as pretty as a picture. Kind. Helpful – I never have to go out to the shops any more, he knows where all the local supermarkets, corner shops and restaurants are and is quite keen to do errands. He likes everything that I like – films, food, etc. He constantly tells me how beautiful I am. He doesn’t care if I’m a bit fat. The sex is great. He has a great work ethic and is pouring energy into his career, which is something I respect. Plus he is young and sharp so he dresses well, is fashionably groomed and knows all the sorts of Young Person things which are very important to know, like which are the hot new bands and what’s funny on the internet this week. 

Apparently he has spent TWO YEARS trying to get my attention on that dating website, and I was blind to his existence, mostly because of being in love with the Head Honcho and therefore uninterested in dating anyone else who wasn’t a supermodel.

When he was saying goodbye to me on Tuesday morning he said “I hate this part”. “I know”, I said, sympathetically, “we’ve been all warm and cosy indoors all weekend and now you have to go out in the cold and rain (for autumn has arrived early in London) and go on public transport for an hour”. “Oh, it’s not that”, he replied, “I’m a Northerner, I don’t mind a bit of rain,” (lol, so true), “I meant I hate this part of the weekend because it means I’m not sleeping next to you tonight.”


He is even learning to knit. I am dying of the cuteness. He made a couple of ‘jokes’ about it, enough to indicate an interest (I knit all the time and have yarn all over the house so it’s hard to avoid noticing). “OMG”, I said, “if you took up knitting I would love you so much”. He didn’t need any further encouragement. I found him some wool and a pair of needles and he has been knitting so diligently! He has started making a scarf and is doing really, really beautifully with it. “Knitting is so addictive!” he said, and he is right. I spoke to him on the phone last night and he said he is really missing his knitting, having left it here at my flat, and keeps thinking about it.


So that’s me. Charlie and me. We are as happy as kittens in a basket. I am the one that keeps falling asleep.

Let’s have a tune. I was going to save this for Church one Sunday, but it is too good to wait.

The Ikettes: I’m Blue (The Gong Gong Song) (1962)


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