My Slightly Improved Hair

OK, that is slightly better.

I had my hair coloured to its usual shade of dark chocolate, so that’s my roots taken care of. I don’t dislike my natural colour but I am starting to go grey and I don’t really want to watch that happening, thanks, so I go and get it touched up when I see about half an inch or so of grey appearing at the sides.

My haircut didn’t take all that long because I still don’t have that much hair to cut. However, the hairdresser and I did have a discussion of about 20 minutes altogether about what look I am trying to achieve with my hair (a very small, sleek, shiny, close-fitting, off-the-face, ear-length bob, as seen on Isabella Rosselini, if you are playing at home).

It was kind of a weird conversation. I was diplomatic and businesslike and took full responsibility for not properly communicating what I wanted him to do with my hair the last time I saw him. Despite this, he could see how much I hated my hair and he was mortified because we like each other and I am a long-time customer. He said ‘I just want to make you happy’. I said ‘I know’ and smiled in a friendly way and then pointed out even more crucial features of Isabella’s haircut until he swore to me that he gets it now.

So that’s why my hair is a bit tidier now. As I say, there wasn’t much hair to cut, but he has tidied up the back and cut it in more of a straight line which the shorter layers can gradually catch up with. The front of my hair is more of a challenge because I have annoying floppy layers hanging in my eyes that will take several more months to grow out, but they can be controlled with gel. So I think we are going to be okay.

It’s just occurred to me that the next time I’ve grown enough hair to go for another haircut should be right around the time that the extra-strength happy pills are kicking in to the max. So I am pretty much planning on having a good October. I might even think up a TLYW themed season to make up for the fact that we didn’t have a very fun summer this year. We could call it The Oktoberfest You Want.

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