Sluttery, with bonus Church.

It is Week 7, Day 4 of the happy pills, and I am fairly happy. My newly-uplifted eyebrows and wrinkle-free eyes have taken at least 5 years off me, if not 10 (thanks, Obama, I mean Botox). I am full of confidence in my own beauty despite still being fatter and less muscular than I think I should be.

I have had more sex in the last 6 days than I’ve had in the last several months. I think I broke some kind of personal record. My orgasms are not arriving very easily but hell I am still having a great time and I am positively spoilt for choice where handsome young men are concerned.

In other news, I managed to haul my still-youthful ass out of bed today and went shopping for my nieces and nephews, with the result that I have enough toys to cover all four birthdays and Christmas.

Let’s have some Church now, as I am going to be busy tomorrow. X number of Slut points. I am not saying how many. A lot.

Cocoa Tea: She Loves Me Now

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