My First Botox

I had such a happy day today.

I went to the celebrity Botox clinic and had my face done. Like most things, Botox takes a while to kick in so apparently I shouldn’t expect to see any results for at least a week and my eyebrows are quite saggy so it’s going to take the full effect of the Botox to restore them to the position where they should be. However, the crows-feet wrinkles at the corners of my eyes are reduced to about 10% of what they were, they have almost completely disappeared, already. I am quite amazed and also thrilled. She was a nice doctor and I am going back on the 19th for a check-up and a top-up as necessary, included in the price. That was really unexpectedly fun and I did feel like a celeb even though I was by far the scruffiest and least glamorous person in the waiting room.

Then this evening I went to visit my friend D and we had a lovely dinner together and expressed deep affection for each other. 1 Friends point and 1 Vanity point, even though we don’t collect Vanity points. I can hardly pass it off as health, can I.

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