I went out to meet William, the big, smily entrepreneur (26). We went for cocktails at a smart bar. I had a hell of a time finding something to wear as I am overweight, also I have old-lady hair and I NEED Botox like OMG tomorrow. In the end I decided to organise my outfit around great legs and killer heels, so it was all okay. In fact, it was more than okay.

He was handsome, well-built, physically fit, well-dressed, socially graceful, incredibly smart and switched on, loves his career and building businesses.

He is so confident and clever. He could pass for 36 except for the incredibly fresh face that he’s attempting to hide under his quite sexy beard.


By some miracle, he fancied fat old me. We occupied a big sofa and had raspberry cocktails and talked a lot, a lot, about business because that’s something we both like. Meanwhile, he is flirting with me and telling me I am sexy until eventually I kiss him. After that, we talked about sex and relationships for about an hour, until we had to end the date because we were having a real problem keeping our hands off each other and we were in a public place.

So that’s why there is going to be a second date, in a more private setting, we are looking at early next week.

As I write this, he is texting me pictures of himself wrapped in a towel.

I think this gives me about four days to lose ten pounds and completely spring-clean my house.

… that’s sounding quite a lot more like normal TLYW, isn’t it.

Salt ‘N’ Pepa feat. En Vogue- Whatta Man (1994)

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