Lord, how the flowers bloom.

It is Week 6, Day 1 of the happy pills and I can feel something like happiness seeping back into my system.

  • I found myself singing a song this morning, not for very long, but there was definitely singing.
  • I walked to my office and back again and enjoyed the sunshine (1 Health point, as it is a 40-minute walk).
  • As I was walking, I noticed how attractive the general public suddenly looked, esp the runners with their muscular legs.
  • Hot guys are flirting with me on the dating website and I am glad of their attention. I am meeting the big smily entrepreneur, who we shall call William, tomorrow and I am excited about it.
  • My weight has dropped to 143 pounds because I have stopped comfort-eating, I am now only ten pounds over what I should be and am optimistic that I can get the rest off.
  • Physical energy gradually returning. The crushing fatigue which until very recently was lasting from morning ’til night is now only hitting me in short bursts and I am learning to take tactical naps as necessary.
  • Concentration at work has improved a lot.
  • The celebrity Botox clinic called me and I am having Botox NEXT WEDNESDAY.


Naughty by Nature: Sunshine

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