OMG technology fail.

I just accidentally called the Head Honcho. Eek! I was just messing around in Skype and pressed the wrong button. I instantly panicked. I never call him. I’ve only ever called him when there’s some kind of emergency, insofar as there ever can be an emergency involving someone who you never see and who lives in a different town.

OMG. I was panicking and hitting every button on my iPad, trying to end the call and all I got was Siri offering me helpful suggestions. One of the suggestions wasn’t ‘Make it stop!!’

How embarrassing. I ran to my laptop to look up what happens if you place a call via Skype to someone who you are not sure if they just deleted you or actually blocked you. It looks like if he has blocked me, he won’t have heard it ring and won’t be notified of a missed call, let’s hope so. If he didn’t block me and just deleted me, I don’t know what happens. I quickly dashed off an ‘I didn’t mean to call you’ message.

How embarrassing. That whole relationship has been one long embarrassment and makes me feel about 14 years old, which was of course a huge part of its appeal.

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