Personal Services.

Something new happened today; I had a facial. … Shut up. Not that kind of facial. You are disgusting.

I have done reasonably well for self-care over the last couple of days. Sunday I went out and walked, only for about 90 minutes this time but that’s good enough for a Health point, managed to get some fresh air and sunshine.

Today I went to the dentist and had a bunch of fillings and repair work done on the side of my mouth that we didn’t rebuild last year. The dentist says we don’t need to do a crown just yet, he has done a large filling instead. Also he replaced another filling and he says if that holds for a while then we can put off doing a root canal too. So I was fairly happy about that.

After I came out of the dentist I felt old and tired and was harbouring thoughts of health spas. It occurred to me that before I book myself in somewhere fancy I should have a massage and a facial to see how much I even like it. I’ve never had a facial before. So I looked on my high street, walked into the nearest half-way respectable looking ‘spa’ and made myself a same-day appointment for a hour-long full-body massage followed by an hour-long facial, which turned out to be a face massage combined with applying various unguents to my skin and then wiping them off again with a hot cloth.

It was certainly relaxing. I took before and after photos of my face outside in the street, because I like a bit of empirical evidence that these things are working, preferably in cold, hard daylight. I was surprised what a difference it made. On the way there, my face was as baggy and lumpy as a sack of potatoes, unattractively sallow and with eyes that looked like I haven’t slept for six months. On the way out, my eyes are very, very slightly better, but my complexion has improved a lot. My skin looks smoother and pinker and the deep frown lines between my eyebrows have at least temporarily disappeared. I am quite impressed. If I’d done this once a week for the last six months I would probably look better now. I will go back now that my confidence has been boosted and get some eye treatments. I need to tighten up that skin around my eyes and get myself looking more awake, even if I don’t feel it. I am going to collect a Health point for going to the spa today as well, because it was a new thing and an act of self-care.

That makes 3 Health points. We are doing okay, aren’t we. It’s going to be okay. My assistant is phoning round health farms that are near London and finding out about their business services and the exact measurements of their swimming pools. I need rehab more than I need a holiday. I think I am going to check myself in to health farm rehab somewhere for a few days.


Edouard Debat-Ponsant, Le massage, 1883
Edouard Debat-Ponsant, Le massage, 1883

2 thoughts on “Personal Services.”

  1. Sounds like a great idea G. I had a back and leg massage on the beach in Greece, which was lovely, but because the diminutive Thai lady who did it didn’t speak much English, I didn’t realise until it was too late that I was expected to just about take my swimsuit off. Luckily I had people with me who could come to my aid with emergency towels, otherwise I might have emptied the beach pretty quickly


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