I went to the dentist – my normal dentist, not the Hot Periodontist – and I am glad I went. He says we don’t need to do a bridge just yet, we can wait a year or three or five for that particular tooth to fail, so I am well happy about that. Very happy indeed, means we don’t have to do any extractions, which take time to recover from. In light of that fact, the things we are going to do are minor. We are going to do: 1 crown; replace 1 large and old filling that has worn out; add about half a dozen very small white fillings at my gum line which aren’t painful to do and which make my gum line look better. After all those gum line fillings are done, that’s when he’s going to bleach my teeth for me. So that’s great. I came away with a little dentist’s appointment card and it felt quite like old times.

Then I went to see the hygienist and she patiently scraped off all the coffee and tobacco stains and my teeth look 100% better already, I am really pleased, and whiter teeth are making my hair look better as well, as I hoped they would.

1 Health point. The fact that I am needing to blog about twice a day at the moment, and laboriously collect points one by one, is a mark of how much I am struggling and how much I need TLYW to stay afloat. On the plus side, TLYW actually works and I love it for that. TLYW told me clearly that I needed hair, general medical and dental appointments and a couple of decisive phone calls was all it took to get that sorted out. Now I have much better, if not perfect, hair that at least has shape and no grey bits, a stash of free NHS drugs, much better looking teeth and a clear plan for the remaining dental work. I not only look a lot better than I did at the start of this week, I feel better, because my self-esteem has slightly improved as a result of taking positive action. TLYW works for me because it tells me what to do. When you are depressed, it is not always easy to know what to do, or what to do next, and in any case it all seems too difficult. TLYW signposts it for me, reminds me that none of it is that hard, and then all I have to do is pick up the phone or whatever and just do the things on the list, one at a time, until the life I have draws nearer to the life I want.


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