England’s Green & Pleasant Land, Part 3: Bingley Five Rise Locks

OK, so a lock is a thing on a canal that lets boats go up and down hills. A lock-keeper moves some big levers about, the water level changes, and your barge or whatever can go up or down in a sort of lift, to the next bit of the river, I mean, canal. Here is a better explanation of how locks work.

Bingley Five Rise Locks, apart from being pretty, is of note because of the fact that it uses five closely-spaced locks to get canal traffic up and down a steep incline. Five is a lot in this business. You have to bear in mind it is a very slow process. I would imagine that the owners of barges in days of yore would have come gliding along the canal, thinking it was all plain sailing, then turned a corner and saw this Everest of locks and realised they were going to be there for ever.

With deeply significant Freudian symbolism, I thought of the Honcho. As of right now, he is not speaking to me. I don’t really blame him.




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